Home Staging Tips for a Quick and Easy Sell!

Home staging can be a bit of a process, but it is highly important to the success of your home selling. Following these Home Staging Tips will not only help your home to sell, but it will potentially make the process faster and help to boost the selling price! 

1. Enhance the Curb Appeal275e34b892e0d7c2158d797c2c7ce269 

 First impressions are everything, and it will take a split second for potential buyers to form an opinion of your home and to determine whether it is for them or not. Enhance the curb appeal with some TLC. Power wash siding and walkways, keep windows clean, maintain the landscape and repaint where needed. Something as simple and inexpensive as adding red mulch can make a dramatic difference to the look of your home.

2. Create a Welcoming Porch

An inviting porch can give potential buyers a dose of comfort and warmth that they likely desire from their future home. Add some simple touches, such as a welcome mat, potted plants, add lights or upgrade the ones that you have, and some stylish porch furniture.

3. Keep the House Clean

This can be a hard staging tip to follow through with, especially if you have kids, but it is incredibly important. If your home is not clean, homebuyers are going to assume that the house has not been taken care of either, which will mean repairs are likely in order for them. Keep furniture and windows fingerprint-free, floors shining, and countertops scrubbed to give your home the best look. The cleaner, the better!bd9d8d937078dd68635383d715eabd5b

4. Clear Away the Clutter

Clutter is one of the biggest distractions when entering a home as a potential buyer, and it can instantly take away from the true value and aesthetics of your property. You may want to consider renting a storage unit if you have a lot of extra clutter, but you’ll find it worth your effort to have a clear, distraction-free space to show.

5. Style Your Dining Room

The dining room is one place in a home that brings friends and family together regularly. A large, bare table can look uninviting, so add some flowers, or a series of smaller kitchen décor items, to make it easier for potential buyers to visualize their life in that space. Be sure to keep the added décor to a tasteful minimum.

6. Stick with Gender-Neutral Tones

The reason for staging your home is to provide homebuyers the opportunity to visualize how this home can be made into their own. Neutral tones appeal to everyone, and they also look clean and crisp!

7. Consider Your Closets

One of the first things people do when looking at homes is open the closets. You must keep these clean and clutter-free, as they’re a huge selling factor for many people. Consider purchasing closet organizers, opaque bins and be sure that all of your hangers match. Anything that is on the floor of your closet should be put away or stored in boxes that can go on the shelves. You can get a nice shoe organizer that you can hang right on your current shelving or get some opaque boxes like we mentioned to store on the top shelf. This is one of our favorite tricks because it is so easy and doesn’t cost a dime. Simply shift around the order of your clothes so that they are organized by color. If the corners of your closet are dark, install some small lights to brighten them up. This will make your closet instantly appear larger and more open. You can pick up some inexpensive push lights that will stick right to the wall and can be taken down before you move. Just make sure you turn them on with the rest of the lights before showings.76ef5765bee76c866ea785fd8ede7354

8. Remove the Personal Touches

This can be an emotional part of home staging, but it needs to be done. Take down any family photographs and children’s artwork before you start showing your home. While these are beautiful things to have around, they can distract buyers and make some of them feel uncomfortable. You want them to be imagining their new lives in the home, not thinking about how they are walking through a stranger’s house. Also, put away things like toothbrushes and other personal toiletries.

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